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"Good Evening, Scouts and Scouters!"

Incredibly, those five words have stuck in our collective memory for more than thirty years... that cheerful opening line of Camp Ranger B. Gary Richardson, as he welcomed us to the Sunday night campfire. When you heard this familiar voice from the back of the campfire circle, you just knew it was going to be another great year at Powhatan. You also knew you were about to hear a 20-minute story on the origin of our scout reservation, the largest council-own tract of land anywhere in United States.

So, welcome to BRMCHistory.Info! This is the unofficial history of the Blue Ridge Mountains Council, Boy Scouts of America. This site covers more than 75 years of local and regional scouting history, including Camp Powhatan, Camp Ottari, and the High Knoll Trail. You'll find a discussion forum where you can recall your memories and share them with others. There's also a photo gallery, which will grow in time to include staff photos, historical images and scenes of general interest. There are special projects, most of which are still in development. The most significant is the section on historically-black troops of our council, a project that took over a year to complete.

This website is a work-in-progress. It's the only place I know of where you can find this information, and it's designed to include new findings as they materialize. It is only as good as YOU make it, so join the forum (it requires membership to keep out spammers), or dig through your own treasure box and look for items to share.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stephen Warren
Roanoke, VA
Web Admin & Historian

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